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Photo: Selection from the work 'Mediterranean Migration', Mathieu Willcocks, UK

Selected from 2,377 submissions from 92 countries, spanning six categories – Portraiture, Landscape, Architecture, Photojournalism, Conceptual and Best Emerging Photographer – this year’s thirty nominees are a celebration of some of the best contemporary photography the world has to offer. But whose work deserves to win?more

The 30 nominees for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award are now online.

Photo: Selected from the series "Mare Mostrum" by Marco Valle, Priverno (Lt), Italy

The jury’s decision is now final: they have nominated five submissions in each of the five categories and for the ‘Emerging Photographer’ competition. All nominated submissions can now be viewed online together with descriptions of the concept and information about the photographer. more

187 works shortlisted for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

Selected from the series “Hood” © Peter Franck, Nominee Category Architecture/Industry, Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2015

The jury has reached a decision on which are the standout works from this year’s Felix Schoeller Photo Award and has selected the best 187 entries out of 2,377 submissions from 92 countries. This selected group of both established and prospective professional photographers represents international contemporary photography in an exceptional way across all five categories, including in the emerging talent category.


Interview with Marc Hartog, British Journal of Photography

Marc Hartog, CEO of the British Journal of Photography

Marc Hartog, CEO of the British Journal of Photography, visited the Felix Schoeller Group in Osnabrück, along with Head of Commercial, Pax Zoega, to exchange ideas for their continued cooperation on the Felix Schoeller Photo Award. The British Journal of Photography has been a successful media partner since January 2017, and their skills have supported the success of this year’s award.


Felix Schoeller Photo Award reports record number of entries

©Christian Werner, Winner of the FSPA 2015, Category: Photojournalism/Editorial Photography

Photographers from 92 countries enter the contest.

The 2017 International Felix Schoeller Photo Award marks the third occasion on which the contest has been held, attracting a record number of entrants, with 2,377 submissions being uploaded prior to the deadline on 31 May. That is over a thousand more entries compared to the last edition of the contest.


Deadline for submissions has expired – nevertheless, submissions that have been begun can still be completed

The deadline for submissions to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017 has expired. In the past two days, a large number of photographers have been attempting to upload their entries. This has sometimes led to a reduction of the upload speed. In view of this, all entrants who have already received a registration email now have time until 12 midnight (CEST) on 2 June to finish uploading their entries.

Last call for entry: Submission deadline for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017 is 31st May 2017

Who will be the next winners? The 2015 edtion's winners were: (left to right): Mohammad Fahim Ahamed Riyad, Sandra Hoyn, Christian Werner, Karolin Klüppel, Thomas Friedrich Schäfer, Sebastian Mölleken

The submission deadline for the third international Felix Schoeller Photo Award is closing on the 31st of May 2017. At the end of May, after five months of submissions, one of the most prestigious photo contests for professional photographers in the German-speaking world, with 25,000 € total prize money up for grabs, is moving into the judging stage. more