Part of the series 'Like a bird' by Johanna Maria Fritz, Germany. 'Like a bird' was the winning series of the 2019 'German Peace Prize for Photography'.

The ‘German Peace Prize for Photography’ is a category within the Felix Schoeller Photo Award. How differently photographers interpret the theme of ‘peace’ can be well seen in the five finalists of the 2019 ‘German Peace Prize for Photography’ competition:

Sameer Al-Doumy, Toby Binder, Johanna Maria Fritz, Roberto Guerra Toledo, Cletus Nelson Nwadike.

An even broader impression is gained by looking at the works that were placed on the shortlist by the jury.

The ‘German Peace Prize for Photography’, which comes with a prize money of 10,000 EUR, is aimed at professional photographers.
The competition honors works that deal conceptually with the topic of ‘peace’ through the medium of photography. The concept of peace is defined very broadly. It can be peace between peoples, peaceful coexistence in a country or in the family, or even inner peace. There is no limitation of the photographic genre. In addition to journalistic work, for example, portrait work, work from the field of landscape photography, architecture or free/conceptual photography can also be submitted.

The ‘German Peace Prize for Photography’ is an initiative of the City of Osnabrück (City of Peace) and the Felix Schoeller Group.