Maximilian Mann, 2019 winner of the Emerging Photographer Award in front of his series 'Lake Urmia'. Photo by Alexander Böhle

This year, the Felix Schoeller Photo Award features two categories: Professional photographers are invited to submit their work in the “German Peace Prize for Photography” category. The category “Best Work by an Emerging Photographer” is aimed at upcoming professional photographers. The winner of this category will be awarded the Emerging Photographers Award.

Maximilian Mann, the 2019 winner of this category says:

“The competition is a very good opportunity for young photographers to create greater visibility for their own projects. And of course, the prize money also helps tremendously to be able to finance new projects. My current projects, for one, deal with the psychological effects of the Corona Lockdown as well as the climate crisis.”

The work submitted for the category ‘Best Work by an Emerging Photographer’ is not subject to any thematic restrictions.

Find the 2019 finalists’ works and concepts here:
Maximilian Mann, Lake Urmia
Ksenia Kuleshova, ABKHAZIA
Alena Shilonosova, The street of the blind
Mirja Maria Thiel, Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man
Timo Tomkel, Tiny Room

This year, a prize money of 2,500 euros awaits the winner of the Emerging Photographer Award. All nominees for will also receive an exclusive online session with a jury member to discuss their work (portfolio presentation). The award ceremony, like the German Peace Prize for Photography, will take place in the form of an online event to which all nominees will be connected to find out who this year’s winners are. The works of the winners and nominees will be shown in a high-quality exhibition at MQ4, Osnabrück, Germany.