The supporter of this year’s Emerging Photographer Award is CAPTURE X, a supplier of high-quality fine art papers.

CAPTURE X launched the #fineartthatcares campaign at the beginning of this year, highlighting the critical situation many photographers and creatives find themselves in due to the current corona pandemic. The paper supplier is giving away 1,000 boxes, each containing 25 sheets of one of its fine art papers, to photographers in German-speaking countries and is offering its own website as an attention-grabbing platform. Interested photographers simply have to register on the website. The box is then sent home free of charge. This box can be used to create up to 25 individual fine art prints, which photographers can then sell via their own stores or websites. CAPTURE X has also set up a website on which all the works created are published and linked to the photographers’ stores. The works created will also be shared on the CAPTURE X Facebook and Instagram profiles.