©Viktoria Sorochinski, Bild aus der Serie „Lands of No-Return/Chapter 2", 2016

The “German Peace Prize for Photography” will be awarded for the first time in 2019 and it is aimed exclusively at the global community of professional photographers. The definition of the term “peace” has been deliberately left open to interpretation, providing space for a wide range of works. See the detailed participation conditions.

Professional photographers now have until the 31st May 2019 to submit their photographic work on the theme of “Peace”. If you still need further convincing to participate, we’ve listed the reasons right here:

Great reasons to participate in the “German Peace Prize for Photography” 2019

  • The winner will receive a cash prize of € 10,000.
  • Photographic rights are strictly observed. Copyright will be noted in every press release and publication.
  • The jury is free and independent.
  • The jury knows neither the names of the participants nor the origin of the pieces while judging.
  • The German Peace Prize for Photography is exclusively for professionals.
  • The shortlist, winners and nominees will be published on the website.
  • The winner will be presented to the public through a high-quality exhibition open for months at a museum in Osnabrück.
  • Worldwide exposure: information on the winners and nominees will be sent to international photographic trade journals and the cultural editors of general publications via press releases.
  • Winning pieces will be prominently featured and promoted on the Facebook page.
  • Entrants come from over 100 countries and are often winners of international or national competitions.
  • The award ceremony will take place in a premium environment in order to pay sufficient tribute to the winners.
  • The “German Peace Prize for Photography” is the first and only competition of its kind for professional photographers.
  • Submission is free of charge.

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