In 2019, the City of Peace Osnabrück, its Museum Quaeter and the locally based Felix Schoeller Group will be jointly awarding the “German Peace Prize for Photography” for the first time. It will be inviting entries as a special category within the framework of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award competition.

Professional photographers from around the globe have the chance to make a personal contribution to the cause of peace with their entries.

Peace is of enormous importance to people across the world. We yearn for peace especially when discord rules our lives. Discord between nations or ethnic groups, tensions in society, or within in our families. At the same time, every single one of us increasingly yearns for inner peace and harmony. Peace is therefore much more than merely the absence of war. Moreover, the German Peace Prize for Photography intends to make precisely these facets the substance of the international competition.

Together with its Museum Quarter, the City of Peace Osnabrück is joining forces with the locally based Felix Schoeller Group to extend an invitation for entries to the first “German Peace Prize for Photography” in 2019. Professional photographers from around the globe can enter their work and make a personal contribution to peace in our times – peace in all its multifarious facets and forms. In this, the photographers are challenged to explore the concept of peace in a photographic-conceptual approach and, through this, express their own, personal statements in artistic form. The winner will be honored with a cash prize of €10,000.

An independent jury of six views and judges the series and concepts submitted to the category, prepares a shortlist, and chooses the nominees and the winner. The jury will be chaired by Michael Dannenmann, the internationally acclaimed portrait photographer from Düsseldorf. The impartiality of the jury and its decisions are guaranteed, not least by the fact that its members are unaware of the names and origins of the entrants and make their decisions exclusively on the merits of the entries. After the formal award ceremony in October 2019, the works honored in the course of the competition will be presented in a dedicated exhibition in Osnabrück’s Museum Quarter. The last exhibition of the works of the winners and nominees of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award drew 10,000 visitors to the Museum of Cultural History in the Museum Quarter of the City of Osnabrück.

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