See the work shortlisted on our Instagram Account

Many of our Felix Schoeller Photo Award friends and participants have an Instagram account, where they post their photographs and other collected works. Of course, we have to be a part of that too. On our Instagram account we have posted the winning photographs, and also those that made it to the shortlist. You can see how diverse the Award is via this link to our account:

Photo: Sonja Hamad, »Jin – Jiyan – Azadi« Women, Life, Freedom.
Die kurdischen Kämpferinnen.

Photo: Ronny Behnert, Japan

Photo: Peter Braunholz, Ecken (Corners)

Photo: Julien Chatelin, China West

Photo: Barbara Trommeter, Bochum – Architektur und räumliche Wahrnehmung

Photo: Jana Ritchie, _lesque