Breaking new records at the halfway mark

This year’s Felix Schoeller Photo Award (FSPA) will be an even greater success than the two previous awards in 2013 and 2015: half way through the submission period, we are counting on at least doubling the number of entries in all relevant aspects.

Three months in to the five-month period, we have counted 500 submissions, compared to 200 in 2015, and nearly 1,000 registrations (around 400 in 2015). At the same time, the FSPA is becoming more internationally focused: the proportion of foreign entrants is almost four times higher, with nearly 80% of entries – a significant increase on 2015 (32%). So far, photographers from 76 countries (2015: 65) have submitted their work, with Russia as the largest single entrant, followed by Germany, Iran, and Ukraine. As the President of the Jury, Michael Dannenmann commented on this development: “Of course, we are proud of the fact that the Award has become so firmly established in its third year. If we maintain our current growth rate, we will have almost three times as many entries as in 2015. As such, we hope to receive around 3,000 high quality works. That means lots of work for the Jury: something that we are all looking forward to.”