The deadline for entries for the 2015 Felix Schoeller Photo Award was 31 May. And the result was outstanding: 

1,200 entries of the very highest quality came in from 65 countries. 2013 saw 1,300 entries from 26 countries. Entries have been submitted from every continent in the world except Antarctica. The countries with the highest number of entrants are Germany, Austria, France, USA, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. The high level of participation from Asian countries – including India, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Viet Nam – must also be rated as a particular success.

With 200 entrants this year, the percentage of emerging professional photographers has more than doubled. They are competing for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award’s Emerging Photographer prize, which has been provided by Phase One, the Danish manufacturer of high-end, open-platform, medium-format cameras.

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